As narrated in the home page of this website, our dream is to spread hockey in Tanzania. But field Hockey, the sport we love, will only be a tool to realize something more beautiful and inspiring: trying to convey the universal values of sport in which we believe, offering young Tanzanians an environment to nurture values like friendship and team chemistry, respect for the other and for the rules, developing at the same time awareness of their own abilities, self-esteem and desire to define and pursuit self-objectives, inside and outside an hockey pitch.

It’s an ambitious goal that requires dedication and proper planning, so we decided to start with some clearly defined projects for 2014, starting here in Dar es Salaam, starting from some key pillar, starting from the schools, to develop a sustainable model of hockey development in Tanzania.

We’ll work with passion, patience and also some creativity will be needed to face the daily challenges that only Africa can offer you! But we confident and full of excitement!

Obviously patience and passion won’t be enough, sport equipment will be needed, as well as specific training also for coaches, we’ll need to find the kids to engage.. in one word, financial risources.

So we need all of your support, you with whom we share our dream through the pages of this blog!!

But let’s follow a pattern, here are the projects for 2014! They’re presented one by one, but they’re strictly connected among them. Click on the links down here to read more!

made in tanzania Hockey tanzaniaSchool Project Hockey tanzaniaHockey Academy Hockey tanzaniaAfter “Run to Kenya” it’s important to keep developing women hockey here in Tanzania; there’s no women championship or tournament in Tanzania, but now beside the national team a new female club team is born, the first one!! Even if players are almost all the same ones of the national team 🙂

Women Team Hockey tanzania


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