The kids willing to play more, will have the opportunity to join the “Hockey Academy” for two afternoon per week; practices will be organized on three suitable playing fields around target school areas.

To attend the Academy a small monthly fee will be asked, to pay for project expenses.

Senior hockey players will be involved as coaches, on a voluntary basis. A group of 15 among men and women will be identified to attend a short training course on specifying training techniques for kids, so that they will be able to offer proper coaching. Each 5 senior players/coaches work on a designated area and they’ll be responsible for providing lessons in assigned school/classes. They’ll receive a reimbursement of travel expenses and food, and will be supervised not only by school teachers, but also from Hockey Academy project coordinator, and current team manager of national women team, Mr. Mnonda Magan.

Based on results and learnings from this pilot project, the reach of the project will be broadened to more schools and more kids, which will be contacted already during the test phase. Finally it’s also foreseen an involvement of University of Dar es Salaam, to offer field hockey lessons to university students.


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