Basically the idea is to locally produce hand-crafted hockey sticks made by Tanzanian artisans using adequate and suitable wood. Capitalizing on local carpenter’s ability, the objective is to produce sticks that can be used to teach primary and secondary school kids how to play hockey.

Local manufacturing has two main advantages:

–          Lower the costs: manufacture a sticks here in Tanzania costs less than importing it from abroad.

–          Contribute to the local economy: job creation for local labour can provide a small contribute to local people and economy.

Pilot project considers hockey sticks being manufactured by a disadvantaged population group made up of jail prisoners, as a tool for their reintegration into society. Inside Dar es Salaam Prison, a group of about 20 carpentry skilled prisoners will be tought some techniques to properly manufacture a hockey stick, that will be then used to teach hockey in elementary schools (6 to 12 years of age) and secondary schools (13 to 18 years of age). The proceeds from hockey sticks sales will be used from Dar es Salaam Prison to buy sport equipment and sportswear in order to activate sport activities insede the prison (football, basket, volleyball, hockey, etc..). Pilot project will run from February to April 2014.

Hockey sticks will be used for the SCHOOL PROJECT and for the HOCKEY ACADEMY!

support hockey tanzania


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