Although field hockey has been played in Tanzania since the early 20th Century, nowadays it’s still not as popular as other sports in the country. In the whole country there are few men teams and only one female team, which is also the national team. In the last years the Tanzania Hockey Association has chosen to support the male team to, destining to them the poor resources offered by the Government to the “minority” sports.  In fact many times the Ladies team was supposed to participate to international competitions in other African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, where hockey is more developed and widespread. But they always failed to go because of the lack of money from sponsor. With time they lost self-reliance, because their dream to compete in an international competition has been slept away many times.  But today Tanzania has the chance to participate with its male and female national teams in Africa Nation Cup, tournament valid as a Qualifier for the 2014 World Cup. This prestigious competition will be hosted in Nairobi from September the 26th to October the 6th. The Tanzania Hockey Association hasn’t got funds for this, so is looking for support in order to be able to cover the costs related to competing in the tournament, such as travel fees to Nairobi, accommodation for two weeks abroad. For each team we need 10.000 euro to organize the trip to Nairobi. The training has started not without any issues, such as the lack of material, and mostly the uncertainty of the required funds for the trip to Nairobi. So we are looking for sponsor both here in Tanzania and in Europe, and support from our friends and people who want to share this challenge with us. Because this time we want to give the chance to both the teams to compete in an international competition. If really we achieve our goal, for the Ladies Team will be the first time to represent their country in a official international competition. Our goal is not to win the tournament in Nairobi, is simply to participate for now. The present blog has the purpose to present our challenge to go to Nairobi with the Female and Male National team of Tanzania. And we truly hope that some of our friends worldwide will help us to achieve  our dream through a little (or big… eheh) donation.


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IBAN: IT49Z0200846041000101269722
Reason for payment: HOCKEY TANZANIA


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